Honey Altaytsvet buckwheat, Berestov, 500 g


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Honey Altaytsvet buckwheat

Luxurious rich tart taste with a light cognac aftertaste and bitterness. Healing honey plants of Altai bring to the taste and aroma of buckwheat honey a special bouquet of cinnamon, walnuts and prunes with notes of caramel, nutmeg and a subtle hint of caraway.

Consistency: Syrupy, viscous structure, dark brown color. It is mature honey with low moisture content and can begin to crystallize within 3-4 months of storage.

Beneficial features:
Buckwheat honey contains a large amount of proteins and minerals, especially iron.
Recommended for vitamin deficiencies, increases the level of hemoglobin, promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues.
It is believed that buckwheat honey cleanses the vascular bed, therefore in folk medicine it is recommended for hemorrhages in the brain and retina, for hypertension to normalize blood pressure.

Quality: Honey was brought from beekeepers from the Pre-Altai plain, basin of the Biya river. Each batch of honey we receive from the best apiaries in Russia is subject to strict control and is tested in a certified laboratory for compliance with GOST requirements.