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Noodles with chicken, Doshirak, 90 g


Noodles with chiken

Noodles: premium wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt (extra food salt, anti-caking agent E536), gluten, premix stabilizer (stabilizers: E501i, E412, E452i), dried onion.
Broth seasoning: salt (extra food salt, anti-caking agent E536), flavor enhancer (E621), sugar, broth base (chicken broth powder, soy sauce, red pepper, onion, garlic, flavoring, ginger, black pepper), maltodextrin, vegetable protein hydrolyzate (soy protein, salt, vegetable oil), turmeric.
Seasoning from dried vegetables: flavoring agent (soy flour, soy sauce, sugar, salt, glucose syrup), carrots, onions, dried seaweed (flakes).
The product contains gluten, soy products and traces of milk, fish, crustacean and mollusc products.