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Earn a 10% Commission:

Exclusive Store Partnership for Top Creators!

Promote our products through your channels and earn a commission on sales generated from your videos.

Earn a 10% Commission

What We Offer:

  • Earn a 10% Commission: Promote our products through your videos and earn 10% on sales you generate.
  • Creative Support: Get access to sample videos and collaborate on bespoke, organic content ideas.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Earn $20 in loyalty points for your purchases. Plus, your followers get a $20 discount on their orders.

Your Reward:

  • Commission Earnings: Make more as your video views increase!
  • Loyalty Rewards: Immediate $20 loyalty points for you and a $20 discount for your audience, enhancing every purchase.

Let’s build a successful partnership together!

About US

Products from around the world that are delivered throughout the United States. Our online store features products from countries such as Germany, Russia, Poland, France and more.

  • Drinks (sourdough, essentuki, blackhead lemonades, juices)
  • Sweets (Alenka chocolate, Babaevsky, Tula gingerbread)
  • Sausage, sausages and even dried fish Pickles and pickles
  • Pasta, cereals, porridge, buckwheat!
  • Baby food: puree, porridge and juices!

Email: info@gastronomusa.com

Phone number: +1 (718) 858-6720, ext. 106

Address: 73 20th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232, United States