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Baby tea with pear and apple 6 month, Kogda ya virastu, 85 g


Baby tea with pear and apple 6 month

#When I grow up is the first Russian brand for caring mothers who choose healthy and safe products for their babies! Children's tea "Summer Vitamins" with pear, apple and lemon balm is a healthy children's drink for children over 6 months. Instant (instant) tea dissolves perfectly in water, has a light aroma of pear, apple, lemon balm and moderate sweetness. Juicy fruits Pear and Apple remind of the sun, saturating the body with vitamins and memories of summer. Drink chilled tea with the whole family!
Convenient and airtight packaging (Doypack) allows you to preserve the properties of the drink throughout the entire period of consumption. Affordable price, optimal packaging volume and high quality - these are the distinctive features of children's tea #When I grow up. Tea is produced at the latest modern plant in compliance with high quality requirements for baby food.
Ingredients: dextrose monohydrate, sucrose, fruit powder "Pear" (maltodextrin, pear puree), lemon balm extract, fruit powder "Apple" (maltodextrin, concentrated apple juice).
Recommendations for preparation: mix 100 ml of warm boiled water with 1 teaspoon (4 g) of tea, mix thoroughly. Don't add sugar. Cool before using. For children over 6 months old, the recommended amount is 150-200 ml of tea per day. Always prepare a fresh batch of tea.
Packaging: Vacuum packaging (Doypack), weight 85 grams.
Before introducing tea into your child's diet, consult your doctor.
- fills the body with vitamins that are part of the natural components of tea;
- perfectly quenches thirst;
- promotes the development of taste sensations;
- convenient format of soft packaging with a zip lock;
- packaging preserves the properties of tea;
- contains natural extracts and powders;
- does not contain dyes or preservatives;
- does not contain artificial flavors;
- made in Russia.

Ingredients: Dextrose monohydrate, sucrose, fruit powder "Pear" (maltodextrin, pear puree), lemon balm extract, fruit powder "Apple" (maltodextrin, concentrated apple juice)


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