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BBQ Time marinade-seasoning Asian, Tsarskaya Priprava, 30 g


BBQ Time marinade-seasoning Asian

All lovers of Asian cuisine will love our dry marinade seasoning, because it intertwines the bright tastes and rich aromas of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Dry Asian marinade-seasoning with a bright taste of ginger and green pepper, enhanced by the aromas of cardamom and garlic, developed according to an original recipe specifically to obtain a crispy crust.

Ingredients: Sea salt, ground coriander, crushed onion, dried garlic, cane sugar, crushed black pepper, ground ginger, ground red pepper, ground cumin, fennel seeds, ground cardamom, ground green pepper, yeast extract, ground cinnamon.

Use for preliminary marinating of any type of meat and fish, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese and their subsequent cooking on coals, grill, barbecue, grill (including electric), as well as for baking in the oven.