BBQ Time marinade-seasoning for ribs and meat, Tsarskaya Priprava, 30 g


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BBQ Time marinade-seasoning for ribs and meat

Dry marinade-seasoning for charcoal-grilled meat and BBQ ribs with smoked paprika, aromatic garlic, herbs, developed according to the original recipe to obtain a crispy crust.
Ingredients: Edible sea salt, cane sugar, ground smoked paprika, onion powder, ground red paprika, tomatoes powder, dried garlic, ground coriander, mustard powder, dried marjoram, dried basil, ground black pepper, ground red pepper, dried savory, ground nutmeg .
Use for preliminary marinating of meat and ribs and their subsequent cooking on coals, grills, barbecues, grills (including electric), as well as for baking in the oven.