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Marinated gherkins ( cornichon), Kubanochka, 680 g


Marinated gherkins ( cornichon)

Marinated gherkins "Kubanochka" - a traditional recipe for all lovers of spicy snacks! Short cucumbers 3-6 cm long are similar in their taste characteristics to ordinary ones, but they are distinguished by ease of eating and a sonorous crunch when bitten. Produced in a convenient package, in a twist glass jar with a screw cap. Pickled cucumbers with greens in the form of a ready-made vegetable snack, it is convenient to take with you on vacation, on nature or for a picnic. For the production of canned cucumbers, the author's marinade technology is used - with sweet and sour spices, mustard seeds and garlic, which gives them a slight piquancy. A jar of cucumbers is pasteurized according to all quality standards, due to this it retains its useful composition and taste characteristics. Premium quality; 100% natural composition; Without impurities and preservatives; Excellent taste and benefits of the composition; Modern production technology. Mini pickles are perfect as an appetizer for your favorite drinks or for preparing salads, first courses and sandwiches. And they are also very healthy, as they contain vitamins of groups B, A, E, C, iron, phosphorus, potassium and more. Marinated pickles "Kubanochka" will become the main attribute of dinner for the whole family.

Ingredients: cucumbers (gherkins), water, sugar, acidity regulator - natural vinegar 9%, salt, hot peppers, spices, mustard seeds.