Seasoning for steak and shish kebab, Tsarskaya Priprava, 25 g


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Seasoning for steak and shish kebab

Shish kebab is considered a dish of Caucasian cuisine, and its name comes from the Turkic word “shish” - skewer. Thus, “kebab” in the literal sense is a dish fried on a spit. The “Tsarskaya Priprava” barbecue seasoning contains only natural ingredients; they will add a unique spicy taste and aroma to the barbecue.

Ingredients: Sea salt, coriander (fruit or ground), cumin (seed), dried paprika, mustard (seed), black peppercorns, dried garlic (granules), dried tomatoes (pieces), red hot chili pepper (pieces).

Use the seasoning to prepare marinade and as a topping for kebabs, grilling and meat cooked at home: in a frying pan, in the oven and in the microwave.