Herbal tea Ivan-Chai with sea buckthorn, 75 g


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Herbal tea Ivan-Chai with sea buckthorn


Russian Ivan-tea with sea buckthorn, large-leaf fermented, Ivan-tea with sea buckthorn is made on the basis of fermented black tea and sea buckthorn berries. It has an exquisite aroma and a pleasant sour taste. This aromatic drink, with a rich taste and berry notes, is equally good for both a summer day and a winter evening. Sea buckthorn is a real natural treasury filled with many useful properties. The composition of sea buckthorn includes many substances necessary and useful for the body: carotenoids, vitamins C, P, K, D, E, B, folic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3), etc. Ivan-tea with sea buckthorn has a bright astringent effect, quickly quenches thirst and saturates the body with many useful trace elements: iron, B and C vitamins, flavonoids, pectin, etc. Due to the rich composition, Ivan-tea with sea buckthorn makes it easy to restore strength and recharge your batteries. Buy Ivan tea with sea buckthorn is an excellent solution for every family.

Ingredients: fermented fireweed leaves 70%, sea buckthorn leaves 20%, sea buckthorn berries 10%. Natural Vologda product, without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and GMOs.