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Honey tangerine black edition, Berestov, 500 g


Honey tangerine

The "Black Edition" collection is a cut diamond in the "Favorites" range of honey, which has become a real diamond in the collection. In it, with care and love, we have collected exclusive varieties of honey, which are limited by the flowering time and the rarity of honey plants. We decorated the jars with a memorable laconic design, and we invite you to evaluate Mandarin honey. All the brightness, warmth and juiciness of citrus fruits is collected in our Mandarin honey. You will remember it for its bright sunny color, warm warming aroma and delicate citrus aftertaste. You will touch the heat of the day and the coolness of the mountain evenings of the southern climate, where citrus trees bloom and hard-working bees collect nectar. Tangerine honey is a product of the processing of nectar from several citrus fruits at once: tangerines, lemons. orange. Citrus trees bloom in March and April and produce light amber honey with a great confectionery flavor from their nectar. Harvested in a special climate that combines sea and mountain air, honey contains useful essential oils (phytoncides). The antioxidant properties of tangerine honey protect the body from the action of free radicals. Regions of honey collection: Abkhazia. Consistency: syrupy, viscous.

Colour: dark amber to brown

Taste: honey of medium sweetness with slight sourness, without bitterness and citrus aftertaste.