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Honey ImmunUp with royal milk and cedar resin, Berestov, 500 g


Honey ImmunUp with royal milk and cedar resin

"ImmunUP" is a synergy of the benefits of honey, cedar resin and plant components, known for their immunomodulating properties, to support the immune system and increase the tone of the body!

The “ImmunUP” line was developed by the Research Institute of Honey and Bee Products and has no analogues. Cedar resin, which contains a lot of resin acids, has versatile physiological activity, strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, wound healing effect, stimulates immunological processes. Royal jelly contains decenic acids, an important component of the cell membrane.
Any pathological change in the body is associated with a dysfunction of the cell membrane. Decenoic acids contribute to its reduction.
Thanks to the inclusion of these powerful natural components, “ImmunUP” honey with royal jelly and cedar resin helps to strengthen the immune system, improve attention, memory and general well-being, as well as increase work capacity and vitality!

• strengthens the immune system
• normalizes sleep
• increases work capacity and vitality
• improves attention, memory and general well-being