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Dry mix for pancakes, Haas, 250 g


Dry mix for pancakes

It is known that the name “pancakes” has been used as a definition of a culinary dish since the middle of the 16th century. Pancakes are a delicious dish that can be prepared quickly and without much effort. Depending on the occasion, you can prepare appetizer pancakes with garlic or garlic oil, pancakes as a second course (baked with meat in tomato sauce), and, of course, dessert pancakes (with the addition of jam, fruit, sour cream, honey or even sugar). This variety is possible because pancakes are simply flat cakes made from bread, sour or yeast dough. And with the help of the HAAS pancake mix, you can prepare your favorite dish even faster.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, egg powder, table salt, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate E500(i)), acidity regulator (citric acid E330).