Mayonnaise with Quial eggs, Calve, 400 g


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Mayonnaise with Quial eggs

Calve “Quail Egg” mayonnaise, prepared according to a homemade recipe, has a pleasant, balanced taste and thick consistency. The basis of mayonnaise is virgin vegetable oils and fresh egg yolks: these natural ingredients are enough to make the sauce tasty and tender without adding starch. Mayonnaise without starch radically changes its nutritional value: this sauce contains much less carbohydrates (only 3 g per 100 g), which makes the product stand out for those who monitor the quality of their diet. Quail eggs are more nutritious than chicken eggs and are rich in vitamins and other beneficial substances. Calve “On a quail egg” is perfect for preparing salads, sandwiches and other dishes. – Virgin oil. - Fresh yolk. - Without starch. - GOST.