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Natural honey Bashkirkhan Linden, Berestov, 500g


Natural honey Bashkirkhan Linden

The first honey with a CONFIRMED history of origin. Each jar has an individual number and a QR code, scanning which, you can see the beekeepers who have collected this honey, and even a video about their bee farms! 

Taste properties: An exquisite and complex bouquet of a combination of linden, vanilla and ripe apricot, a luxurious liqueur taste is decorated with multi-layered shades of orange, tea rose and white wine with a slight mint aftertaste.
Consistency: Delicate creamy structure, color from milky white to light golden.
Beneficial features:

  • Linden honey contains essential substances with antimicrobial action.
  • It is considered indispensable in the treatment of angina, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma.
  • Good as a heart tonic.
  • It is used for inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and gallbladder diseases.

In folk medicine, adults are advised to consume at least two tablespoons of lime honey a day.
Quality: Honey was brought from beekeepers of the northern regions of Bashkiria. Each batch of honey we receive from the best apiaries in Russia is subject to strict control and is tested in a certified laboratory for compliance with GOST requirements.