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Natural honey Alpine, Berestov, 500 g


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Natural honey Alpine

The first honey with a CONFIRMED history of origin. Each jar has an individual number and a QR code, scanning which, you can see the beekeepers who have collected this honey, and even a video about their bee farms!

Taste properties: This honey is filled with aromas of aromatic herbs. The taste is sweet with delicate astringency, leaves a slight aftertaste. A large number of different flowers grow in the Altai mountains, which makes the taste of honey unique from time to time.
Consistency: Delicate, creamy structure, crystallizes for 6-9 months of storage, the color is pale yellow.
Useful properties: Clean air and a special atmosphere of the Altai Mountains make Alpine honey really healing. In its composition, it contains an increased amount of antioxidants, vitamins of groups A, B, C, K, E. Basic minerals and trace elements: calcium, iron, magnesium and many others. Due to its strong antibacterial effect, this type of honey is valued in the treatment of acute respiratory infections: it stimulates the immune system and creates a protective barrier. Honey has a tonic and restorative effect on the body, especially after mental and physical exertion. This product has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, gives a calming effect, so it is useful to take it in the evening, just before bedtime. High-mountain honey improves appetite, helps to increase vitality, restore health and improve the quality of life.

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Very good quality honey! Thank you!