Seasoning Garlic chicken, Tsarskaya Priprava, 30 g


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Seasoning Garlic chicken

Perfectly cooked chicken is more than just golden brown crust and tender meat. It is also a properly selected set of spices, making the taste unique and the aroma rich. Thanks to natural ingredients, the seasoning will highlight and complement the taste of your chicken, making it especially appetizing, giving it a beautiful golden color. A dish of Georgian roots with a spicy, garlicky flavor and crispy crust is perfect for a family dinner or a holiday table.

Ingredients: Sea salt, dried garlic, dried onion powder, corn starch, sugar, ground red paprika, yeast extract, tomato powder, ground black pepper, dried rosemary, dried thyme, dried parsley, dried celery, natural garlic flavor.

Use to make Garlic Chicken or Tobacco Chicken.