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Pink salmon caviar Tsarskaya, 200 g


Pink salmon caviar Tsarskaya

Tsar's Red Caviar has long been associated with nobility and its renowned taste and texture can be tracked back to Russian tsars in the 13th century. This delicacy is made from the salmon roe with its firm eggs and delicate flavor. Its nutritional content is also well-known, boasting a range of vitamins, amino acids, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid, and lecithin. To benefit from these valuable dietary components, this caviar should be included in your diet. With a luxurious taste and higher price, it is perfect for special occasions when you wish to treat your guests like royalty. In our online supermarket, we also offer plenty of discounts, making it more affordable. Red caviar makes a classy addition to any festive dinner table, and can be used to create exquisite sandwiches.