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Seasoning for crunchy pickled cucumbers, Tsarskaya Priprava, 20 g


Seasoning for crunchy pickled cucumbers

Preparing cucumbers for the winter has already become a tradition for many housewives. This is not surprising, because this vegetable is perfectly stored and is a welcome guest on our table almost every day. Pickled cucumber will be an excellent addition to rich soups, meat dishes, salads, everyone’s favorite fried potatoes and appetizers. It also pairs well with other vegetables. For example, with zucchini, bell peppers or tomatoes. With “Royal Seasoning,” cucumbers turn out crispy and very tasty.

Ingredients: Dill stems, crushed horseradish root, mustard seeds, dried garlic, dill seeds, black peppercorns, allspice peas, crushed bay leaf.