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Pine cone preserve, Taezhnyi tainik, 440 g


Pine cone preserve

The cone is soft and completely edible. This product can be described in one sentence: jam with the taste of the taiga. The coniferous aroma takes you deep into the Siberian forests and immerses you in a forest fairy tale. Since ancient times, Siberian housewives have called jam from the young cones of the taiga beauty "gum", "pine honey" pine trees. This delicacy has long been known as a remedy for many diseases. Thus, young pine cones and decoctions made from them are good blood thinners and are recommended to be used to prevent stroke. The components contained in this natural medicine give strength and help improve immunity. The taste of “Pine Cone Jam” is deep: fruit and berry with pine and strawberry shades.

Ingredients: sugar, water, pine cones.