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Tomato sauce for kebab, Kubanochka, 380 g


Tomato sauce for kebab

“Shashlik” tomato sauce from “Kubanochka” is the basis for the main hot dishes on the New Year’s table! Cooking meat is not only about frying it correctly and putting it beautifully on a plate. This is also about the correct selection of sauce for a hot dish. By choosing “Shashlichny” tomato sauce, you will be doomed to success and praise from loved ones, since it is not spicy, has a sweet and sour taste and a pleasant cinnamon aroma. Highest grade; Does not contain harmful impurities and additives; Suitable for barbecue, barbecue, grill; Rich supply of vitamins and microelements. Excellent taste. We produce shashlichny tomato sauce in a glass jar with a screw-on lid and undergo thorough sterilization, due to which the product retains its taste longer and has a long shelf life. It contains essential oils, iron , phosphorus, zinc, vitamins E, A, C and more. Therefore, it has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart, protects against stress, strengthens the immune system and helps to stay in good shape.

Ingredients: water, allspice, salt, tomato paste, vinegar, potato starch, sugar, red pepper, cinnamon.