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Natural honey Acacia, Berestov, 500g


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Natural honey Acacia

Intense scent of acacia with a spicy touch of duchess and mint. The taste is clean, fruity, elegant, summer, long floral aftertaste with a hint of vanilla.

It is collected in ecologically clean places in the southern regions of Russia in May-June, the flowering period of white acacia is only 12-15 days.

Healing properties: This is the lightest and most liquid (does not crystallize for a long time) type of honey. It contains a large amount of fructose, vitamins, trace elements, organic acids, biogenic stimulants, antibacterial compounds and minerals. Acacia honey has an antimicrobial effect, replenishes the lack of vitamins and microelements (which increases immunity), improves digestion, helps fight hypertension, enhances liver and kidney function. It has firming and anti-aging properties.

With constant use, acacia honey restores strength, increases the tone of the body and gives vigor! In addition, acacia honey is the lowest allergenic of all varieties.

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Great honey!

Very good quality of honey! Thank you!