RICHARD The Royal Dogs. Poodle, assortment of black tea in sachets, 18 g


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Description: cats in the United Kingdom are officially on Her Majesty's Service. The fluffy employees are called upon to hunt mice at the Buckingham Palace, thus they are deserving considered to be royal animals.
Sphynx cats were named after the legendary Egyptian Sphinx for their sophisticated looks and graceful nature. Despite their regal appearance, they are playful and characterful companions – sometimes behaving more like dogs than cats. They may look like pets fit for the Pharoahs, but in fact they hail originally from Canada.
Collect all members of The Royal Cats family!

Brewing instructions: uncover the secret of royal taste: fill the bag with boiled water. Let the drink brew for 2-4 minutes, enjoying the aroma, and the tea is ready, Your Majesty!

Assortment of:
Royal Ceylon, classic black tea in sachets
Ingredients: Classic Ceylon black tea. 3 teabags x 2 g.
Lord Grey, flavoured black tea in sachets
Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, bergamot and lemon flavourings, citrus peel. 3 teabags x 2 g.
Royal Thyme & Rosemary, flavoured black tea in sachets
Ingredients: black tea, thyme, rosemary. 3 teabags x 2 g.