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Royal Raspberry, flavoured fruit-herbal tea in sachets, 25х1,5g


Product Description:
The fragrant combination of bright hibiscus, tart raspberry, and sweet dried apple makes our Richard Royal Raspberry tea summery and deliciously refreshing. It’s excellent hot with breakfast, and sweetly rejuvenating iced, especially with an added few drops of sweet natural honey .

Hibiscus, rosehips seeds, artificial raspberry flavoring, apple pieces, raspberry pieces.

Trying to beat the heat?
The only salvation on hot summer days is a good cup of iced tea. The refreshing taste will quickly quench your thirst and get real pleasure from your favourite drink. Using fruity and summery Richard Royal Raspberry, our tea experts have created an easy-to prepare, incredibly delicious and healthy iced tea recipe for you to try.

You Will Need
- 3 sachets Richard Royal Raspberry tea
- 1tsp of honey or your favourite syrup
- 2 cups of water
- Ice cubes
- Tea pot or jug for brewing
- Mint leaves & fresh raspberry for garnishing
- 2 serving glasses

Instruction for 2 portions
1. Brew 3 Richard Royal Raspberry sachets at 85°C in 2 cups of water for 5 minutes.
2. Let tea cool and then store to fridge
3. Put ice cubes in serving glasses
4. Add 1tsp of honey or syrup
5. Pour tea into ice filled glasses 6. Garnish with mint leaves and fresh raspberries

Try Richard Royal Iced Tea recipe to relish in the fragrant hibiscus aroma with a subtle aftertaste of sweet raspberry.