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The Royal Dogs, black tea 34g, 20 pyramids, tin CORGI


RICHARD Royal Dogs, Corgi!

Ceylon black tea with strong rich taste and delicate aroma in pyramids and loose leaf.

A special role in the history of British monarchy is given to their faithful companions - The Royal Dogs!

The proud Welsh Corgi is a strong, sturdy dog whose short legs belie its gusto, speed and agility. A Corgi’s talent for and love of work, along with its surprisingly deep, authoritative bark, has endeared the breed to ranchers all over the globe. When not at work organizing and protecting their kingdoms, Corgis are playful, affectionate, and loyal, and especially good with children.

Collect all members of The Royal Dogs family!

Funny and amusing gifts with the collectible design, our tea tins make the ideal personalised gift for him or for her – for any friend with this particular breed of dog or cat!

Product range: classic loose leaf black tea in pyramids

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea 

Brewing instructions: Pour boiling water (100 ° C) over 1 pyramid, brew for 4 minutes.