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From Chocolates to Candies: A Guide to Sweets from Around the World

From Chocolates to Candies: A Guide to Sweets from Around the World

From Chocolates to Candies: A Guide to Sweets from Around the World

Your journey through the world of sweets begins right here at our online store, where you can discover unique flavors and exquisite ingredients from various corners of the globe. Let’s dive into the stories and secrets behind the most popular sweets we offer.

1. "Alenka" Candies and Chocolates by Red October

These sweets are a symbol of Russian confectionery excellence. Alenka candies are known for their delicate milky flavor and classic packaging design featuring a little girl with blue eyes. Alenka chocolate is made using traditional methods, allowing the deep and rich cocoa flavor to shine through.

2. Candies from "Mieszko"

Mieszko is a Polish company renowned for its innovative approach to candy making. Their popular products include chocolate candies filled with fruits, nuts, and liquors. Each candy is a small work of art, created to bring joy and pleasure.

3. Doulton Chocolate

Doulton chocolate from the United Kingdom epitomizes British quality and elegance. Distinguished by its rich, deep aroma and balanced flavor, Doulton chocolate achieves this through the use of high-quality cocoa beans.

4. Chocolate Soufflés by Odra

The Polish company Odra produces exquisite chocolate soufflés known for their lightness and airy texture. These desserts combine delicate chocolate with a soft, melt-in-your-mouth soufflé filling, making them a favorite among all ages.

5. Candies from Reber

The German confectioner Reber is known for its high-quality marzipan candies. Using traditional recipes and only the finest ingredients, Reber creates candies that have become a benchmark in marzipan art. Each candy is a testament to the craftsmanship and passion for confectionery.


These unique sweets will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also allow you to embark on a virtual journey around the world, introducing you to the culture and traditions of different countries. Our online store is proud to offer you an exclusive assortment of products, each with its own unique story and flavor.