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Kuzya chocolate balls, Russcart, 215 g


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Kuzya chocolate balls

Kuzya Lakomkin is the No. 1 brand in the corn sticks category! Kuzya Lakomkin’s sweet, fluffy corn sticks are made from selected domestic raw materials: corn, sunflower oil and powdered sugar. The sticks have a delicate crunch and just melt in your mouth! Kuzya Lakomkin is a favorite product of children and adults. Kuzya Lakomkin's line of breakfast cereals includes corn flakes and chocolate balls, which are made from natural ingredients, without artificial colors or preservatives. Breakfast cereals are coated with a thin sugar glaze and do not soak in milk for a long time, remaining crispy and appetizing. Chocolate balls under the Kuzya Lakomkin brand are among the leaders in the ranking of breakfast cereals according to the results of a study by Roskachestvo.