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Marinated tomatoes, Kubanochka, 720 g


Marinated tomatoes

An incomparable appetizer made from juicy Krasnodar tomatoes according to the original recipe. Fragrant greens give pickled tomatoes bright spicy notes. It goes especially well with boiled potato dishes, baked meat. Marinated tomatoes "Kubanochka" are a great appetizer for your family dinner or for a festive table! Thanks to our production technology, tomatoes have a delicate texture, pleasant aroma and sweet and sour taste. Produced in a convenient package, in a twist glass jar with a screw cap. Which is convenient to take with you to nature or a picnic, as well as an excellent ready-made snack. To achieve a balance of taste and quality, we carefully monitor the production process, using only natural and proven ingredients. sterilized product. Premium quality; 100% natural composition; Without impurities and preservatives; Excellent taste and benefits of the composition; Modern production technology. For adults and children. Marinated tomatoes "Kubanochka" without dyes and preservatives. Manufactured in accordance with GOST R 52477-2005.

Ingredients: tomatoes, water, sugar, salt, acidity regulator - natural vinegar 9%, spices incl. mustard seeds.