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Whole-ground buckwheat flour, Obraz zhizni Altay, 500 g


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Whole-ground buckwheat flour

Whole-ground buckwheat flour has been valued by the Slavs since ancient times. This is a unique product that is made from live green buckwheat.

Green buckwheat is not subjected to heat treatment, which means it retains the entire complex of beneficial vitamins and microelements. Whole-ground buckwheat flour makes an excellent base for raw food dishes.

Buckwheat flour is rich in useful substances:

Vitamin B,
Vitamin PP,
A nutritious breakfast shake made from this flour with milk (or almond milk) is widely known. Buckwheat flour is also used in cosmetology, preparing a variety of nourishing masks and gentle scrubs for the skin from it.

Whole-ground buckwheat flour is used in cooking to prepare:

Bread and pastries
Buckwheat flour is recommended to be used to strengthen children's immunity, as well as to reduce the risk of diabetes. Zinc in buckwheat flour helps regenerate skin cells. Also, regular consumption of this type of flour reduces the risk of joint diseases and improves memory. Thanks to the high percentage of vitamin PP in the flour, cholesterol levels are reduced. This is an indispensable product in the diet of a healthy person.