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Chocolate Petitfour, Baker house, 255 g


Chocolate Petitfour

Chocolate Petitfour is a mini-cake based on a chocolate sponge cake filled with delicate truffle cream and cocoa sprinkles. There are 9 mini cakes in a package.

Petit fours are French mini-cakes made from sponge cakes with various types of fillings and toppings. Desserts are literally designed for one bite and are perfect for tea, coffee, and aperitifs. Chocolate Petit Four - made on the basis of a chocolate sponge cake filled with delicate truffle cream and sprinkled with cocoa on top. This extraordinary dessert will become a table decoration and the main event of any holiday.

About the product

Storage conditions: from 2°C to 23°C (does not require refrigeration).
Each cake is packed in a decorative paper rosette. The product is packaged in correx of 9 pieces, transparent flow pack film and a cardboard box.
An elite product, comparable to Truffle candies, but more interesting in price.
The base of the mini-cakes is a delicate, juicy chocolate sponge cake.
The dessert is decorated with a topping of cocoa, peanuts, pink sugar or coconut.
Unique recipe from European technologists.
It has NO analogues on the Russian market.
Shelf life – 6 months.
Premium quality at an affordable price.