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Ketchup branded, Kubanochka, 310 g


Ketchup branded

Ketchup No. 1 branded “Kubanochka” is a premium product without preservatives and dyes!
We produce ketchup in accordance with quality standards, using only proven ingredients that are safe for the health of all consumers.
Premium quality; Does not contain harmful impurities and additives; Suitable for any dishes; Rich supply of vitamins and microelements; Excellent taste.
Our product is suitable for adding to any dish: pizza, pasta, meat, various sauces and more. And all because it is made from ripe natural tomatoes, due to which it has a bright taste and delicate aroma with subtle spicy notes of spices. contains essential oils, iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins E, A, C. Our ketchup is useful for the functioning of the cardiovascular system, stomach and improving mood.

Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, cherry plum puree, sugar, salt, consistency stabilizer - potato starch, acidity regulator - natural vinegar 9%, garlic, coriander, red hot pepper, herbs, preservatives: E202, E211