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Richard Royal Tea Assortment, GOLDFINCH, classic & flavoured black teas - 3x3 sachets


Gladden the hearts of your friends and loved ones by sending them a Royal Tea gift in the mail. They will receive the Royal English Breakfast tea blend, King’s Tea No. 1 blend and Lord Grey tea from Richard. Royal Tea by Richard, indeed. Assortment of classic and flavoured black teas in sachets in a pack designed like a postal envelope.

ROYAL ENGLISH BREAKFAST: Kenyan, Indian and Ceylon black tea. 3 tea bags of 2g each.
LORD GREY: Ceylon black tea, bergamot and lemon flavourings, citrus peel. 3 tea bags of 2g each.
KING’S TEA No. 1: Ceylon, Kenyan and Tanzanian black tea, Kaffir Lime and English Mint flavouring, mint, citrus peel. 3 tea bags of 2g each.